Full Circle and Amazing Finds

So I’m ashamed to admit this but someone that I know from TheBroken (that’s the part that I’m ashamed of) got hacked. If you don’t know what TheBroken is, it’s a good thing, but if you don’t read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thebroken (I guess it was cool at the time) But there is this guy that will stay unnamed (but I’ll link to his shit because its funny) who is a self proclaimed hacker and security guy whose site just got hacked. But it gets better. He submitted his zine to milw0rm (thats a zero not the letter “oh”). Milw0rm is a site with exploits and papers and random other shit. He named his zine Exploit.This!, which I think the person was confused and thought he wanted him to exploit his site. It was published on the 10th and his site was exploited on the 12th. Pretty fast I must say. Apparently, he was RFIed (remote file inclusioned). Pretty much an RFI is when a hacker remotely loads a file onto your server such as a C99 php shell or anything for that matter. They exploited hello.php which does something (I forget what it does) and uploaded a php shell. Hell knows what they did to that afterward. But afterwards he does some cyber sleuthing and it’s kind of funny. Because it’s pretty basic and not really a big deal. It’s not like he had to read an erased drive or some shit. Ok enough with that.

So do you love finding stuff as much as I do? Like finding money in your pocket? I have something better than that, 3 N-Female bulkheads. What’s the big deal you say? They are fucking expensive. They are about 4$-6$ (I think I got them cheaper by buying them in bulk and used) .What do you use them for you say? Making wifi antennas. So I found about 12$-18$ worth of hardware and can make 3 more antennas.


~ by deadfool on June 13, 2007.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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