Review of shit I’ve bought

So as you know, I bought a Sans Disk Sansa e280. It’s pretty mediocre. It fits all the music I can listen to between charges, which btw last me almost a week vs my ipod lasting me maybe a day (the battery is old so that’s why the ipod sucked). It is small but not too small and lastly, it’s not a ipod. On the downside, the player mangles some of my songs tags so they show up as “unknown”. The worst part of it is its interface. It is clunky as hell. You can’t go back from playing music to the album list. It is really annoying, but hopefully rockbox will be out for it soon. A minor annoyance is the buttons. The 4 buttons are not as high as the wheel so it makes it slightly difficult to click them. Also when charging, the light is constantly on. Overall, I give it a 8/10 since it does what I want it to do. If it had rockbox it would probably be a 9/10 since you can’t really do much about the buttons and the light.

Since my old noise canceling Phillips cans were falling apart I also decided to get a new pair of headphones. I decided to get a pair of Sennheiser 212pros. I heard (no pun intended) great things about Sennheiser. According to their sid, the 212pros are a “closed dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones have a balanced sound image with a slight emphasis on the bass response.” Personally, I think the bass is needed due to the poor bass from portable music players. Even with the incredible bass, at low volume the bass isn’t as great as at higher volumes. To counter poor bass from the players, I think I’m going to build an amp with bigger than normal caps for more bass. I actually prefer these over my speakers. I would highly recommend them to anyone. At the price of about 60$ they are one hell of a deal. I’ve seen many people with Bose cans which cost about 120$. I’m not sure what’s so special about them , but I highly doubt they are as good as the 212pros. They have the rage of 12hz to 19khz. This isn’t really a problem for me since mp3s will lowpass and cut off anything above 19-20khz. They block out sound surpurbly, and if they can’t block out ambient noise, they will down it out since they are capable of going up to 112dB. That is louder than a jackhammer or about as loud as a jet at 100 meters away. The only “drawback” is its 10 foot cord. I fixed that with a twist tie. 9.75/10

Lastly, on a unrealated note, I bought At the moment, points here.


~ by deadfool on March 7, 2008.

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