IST a little know synonym for snob

So a few days ago I was asked to write for It was advertised by saying its “purpose is to uncover all the bullshit in the College of IST to actually fix some problems AND provide a decent news/gossip” Naturally I was hesitant since I am a poor writer (if you can’t already tell you are stupid), I’m a total asshole (read my last comment) and I hate a majority of people in IST (not the person that asked me tho). I assumed that this place would be a site for the ist “elite” to act like snobs, like most IST clubs and what not. I was assured that it wasn’t like that and I should say. Not only is it a place for the elite to act like snob and wave around their epenis, they are making money off of it. THAT is what pissed me off. I’m giveing my time for free so you can make fucking money off it? Over my dead body. There is a reason that I love the CC-NC-SA. Because I don’t care if someone uses my work if they don’t make a profit. If you like web2.0, mac book pros, longboarding, acting like you know linux (or anything but still talk enormous amount of crap), humans vs zombies and general faggotry, IST is for you and that site is probably right down your alley.


~ by deadfool on April 16, 2008.

One Response to “IST a little know synonym for snob”

  1. hahahha…so I typed in google “Penn State IST people are annoying” and got to your blog. it’s genius…keep up the good work. i HAVE a MBP, BUT hate the term web 2.0, fucking hate video/computer games, i do not know anything about linux, and i take a bath. i guess that’s why im not IST elite lol.

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