Dropped it like it’s hot (because they make shit products)

So I woke today got ready for class, picked up my head phones and turned on my (and hopefully any) ipod for the last time. A loud screech came from the ipod as the read head scratched across the platter. BOOM HEADCRASH! Damn that was my 3rd ipod in about 5 years. I started with the 3g with the wheel. It was decent until it died about 18 moths later. From what I don’t know, even plugging it in wouldn’t turn it on. Then I got a 4g black and white. This was product had the highest $/shit ratio I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t even 2 weeks after the warranty was up the audio jack died. I could have kept it to connect to my computer but thats pointless. Then I should have waited a few weeks to get a 5g but I wanted music on the go, so I got a 4g color. It was pretty decent lasting me just over a whopping 2 years! Think about buying a new laptop, tv, or car every 18 months. This ipod took a fair beating for 2 years tho. My dad wanted to see it and I handed it to him and he dropped it on the hard wood floor, and I’ve thrown my back pack down countless time with it in there. Out with hard drive players in with solid state.

So that brings me to this after noon. Went to newegg and looked at mp3 players. I originally was after a 4gig player, but I realized that for 10$ more i could get a 8 gig Sans Disk Sansa e280. It’s gotten great reviews, look solid and can fit enough music on it that I won’t get board between syncs. Best part is that it’s 30$ cheaper than the 4gig ipod mini. That means it’s 30$ cheaper than a player with 1/2 the storage. Is the price worth it to know Steve Jobs didn’t ejaculate on it’s plans and make shitty commercials for it? I think so, but a fuck ton of people don’t. I can’t wait for my sansa. Hopefully newegg still has v1’s sitting around so i can put rockbox on it.

PS:Macbook air is a joke
PSS:Macbook hair would rock. MBH is just a cover for your macbook with a wig on one side.


~ by deadfool on January 29, 2008.

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