You’re doing it wrong

So I’m back. Since my posts are never coherent, I will mention a tool named Cypherxero. Since he deleted his blog where he rambles about his toolocity (that is the word used to tell how much of a tool you are) you can read his latest shit here. Since his resume says he can “Can Learn ANY complex topic in 72 hours or less” he put his mind to proving that diebold cheats and actually flips votes in the election. So 2 hours later (would take any normal person a few minutes to write and they wouldn’t use java), he has his PROOF that dieblod cheats. All he did was write some java app that when you click on the name it counts the votes. Then he uncomments the vote flip function. HOLY SHIT! Some how now when he clicks on Ron Paul it gives Bush a vote. I don’t know what kind of black magic he used but this totally blew my mind. It’s not like you can just take the totals for each person and go temp=total1 total1=total2 total2=temp. OK I’m done with that now.

So, this anonymous shit is getting lame. It’s really not going to do much in the end. But from what I’ve seen, they are doing it wrong. In case you don;t know, they are DoSing sites owned by CoS. I personally think they did it wrong. Apparently, they used udp flooders. The problem with udp is that it is best effort and has little overhead. Best effort means that they datagram (a udp packet) isn’t guaranteed to get to its destination. The second one is that they are faster to process by the router and switches. The solution to this would be use TCP. TCP has another advantage too, spoofed source IP. If you put another IP address in the source IP field and you try and make a connection, the server will send a SYN+ACK to the spoofed IP. That computer will realize that it didn’t request a connection and request a close or send a RST. So with this tactic, you can hit 2 servers at once. You could also use a xmas packet. This is pretty much a packet that takes longer to process and uses more processing power, not to mention the packet is totally useless since all it does it tell the receiver that you aren’t going to send any more data. This makes it easier to lock up their hardware with less people. I depending on how their systems respond to xmas packets with spoofed source IP could help drive traffic to a second IP address too. Their way works, but I’m just suggesting possible better ideas.

Other inconvenient things they could do is throw lock and chains around their doors and gate, get prepaid envelopes from them and send them heavy stuff like lead shot so they have to pay the postage or even signing up their email addresses for spam. Taking down their sites and filling all the phone lines is annoying, but isn’t going to put them out of business. If you want to do that you need to have a drastic financial impact on them. I’m not saying burn down all their churches, and buildings owned by CoS, but that would defiantly put a huge impact on their bottom line.

On a side note, I personally think that Scientology is dumb as hell and needs to die, but the shenanigans isn’t going to do much.


~ by deadfool on January 26, 2008.

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  1. LOL WAT

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