Top 10 Worst Web2.0 Startup Ideas

So as you have probably read these 100x before but, I’m doing one of those “10 things” posts. Except I’m not trying to be useful. Hell I’m not even trying to be tactful. Just read and you’ll see. These are probably the 10 worst web2.0 ideas ever.

  1. Childupon – Very simple idea, you take the stumbleupon idea and make it for child porn. As of writing this isn’t taken (neither is .org .net or .us). This isn’t either (which is still available) either. Myspace already has a strangle hold on the jail bait market. Childupon’s content is targeted at the most hardcore child pornographers. The ones that tape five year olds getting gangbanged by their priest, dad, uncle, teacher and some random black guy. What can be greater than this? You could make money too! All you have to do is put an ad or two and you are making money off of other peoples content! How simple can this be? Illegal you say? You’ll become a sex offender you say? Oh totally forgot about that part.

Ya there really isn’t any ideas that I can think of  that are worse than childupon. That is pretty bottom of the barrel, the lowest of the low. And thus sums up my sarcastic and satirical post about web2.0 and “10 ten” blog posts. Have a good day. That is if you still can.


~ by deadfool on November 12, 2007.

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