And this is why it’s not called “Brainbook”

So if you didn’t know already Penn State student football tickets are going for an insane amount. So on facebook, I made this market place post as a joke

Season tickets in the JR section. I don’t want money, I want your soul and a kidney.

Clearly, semi retarded people can tell this is a joke. Despite this I have gotten multiple replies. Going from the joking to the dead serious. The first one was from a friend saying that they would give their soul for the Notre Dame ticket jokingly, and I thought that would be the end of it. WRONG. A few minutes later I got a reply that it was a funny listing, but was I seriously selling them. A few more sarcastic replies came in, then this dumbass touched a keyboard

face value man let me know

Yes, Cody K, I’m going to sell you a set of tickets that are worth over 1,000 dollars for 190 dollars. Retard. But it doesn’t stop there, someone offered me $600. I thought I clearly stated that no monetary value would suffice. Then I got this

I want to buy your item on behalf of my client. I will pay you any amount you which to sell it as buy it now. My client will send you Money Order as a mode of payment. The item is going to my client manager in USA. The shipping will be made by my client once you received the M/O. If u agree to sell the item for me. Kindly send your address, phone#. Just email me with address and name asap today, so that the M/O can be send on tomorrow. Make sure you tell me the price you want to sell your item in your reply and email me with your address ASAP today. Hope to hear from you soon…mail me back to my email address (

ORLY? “John Jeff” of Albany, New York? You don’t even have a fucking picture. Then I got this, the best one due to it being serious

RYAN I WILL DO ANYTHING!! LITERALLY ANYTHING!! I cried for like 2 days straight when i saw that i was on at 9 am and didnt get ticketes i am going to be a junior and NEED tickets. I will pay you 300 at the most. I am a college student, i dont have much money i dont know how other people are paying 750 for them. PLEASE help me out!

Any thing? Would that include me fucking you, then fucking you again by not giving you tickets? Thats probably illegal tho. Taylor you are a baby for crying for 2 days, maybe a few hours but 2 days? Ok I lied, I would have cried for at least 2 days too. Tickets are “wants” not “needs”, you won’t die if you don’t have tickets. Also last time I checked EVERYONE with student tickets are STUDENTS.

Then someone told me “you can have mine.” I was pretty sure that she was being sarcastic but I replied to her saying that if she was serious that there are other people that “need” them more than I do. This one is the second best


I’m still getting offers and inquiries about me selling my tickets. It’s great to know that all these people made it into college.


~ by deadfool on August 15, 2007.

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