I’ve Seen the Light!

So today I went to Home Depot. I got a chuck and a mandrel for my 300-series Dremel (you should also get a Dremel if you don’t have one, but you might want to consider the 400 series). Then while walking past the light bulbs, I convinced my mom to get Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs because she bitches at me when I leave a light on. Back at school I used them in my lamps because I had a giftcard to the bookstore, and they were on sale for something like 7$ for 2 of them. Needless to say there were good. So I’ve been using them for 2 years even tho they are kind of dim. So I see a 4 pack for like 10$. Fuck ya I’m getting them. The are n:vision day light 14W bulbs and boy do they kick ass. These 14W bulbs beat the shit out of the CFLs I got at Penn State. These fuckers are so bright I think that they are brighter than normal 100W bulbs. I put 2 in the kitchen light (along with 2 normal 100W bulbs) and the side with these seems brighter and whiter light. These 14W bulbs are suppose to be the same as 60W bulbs even tho I think they are brighter. It seems like the normal bulbs make an orange light compared to these. You may not like it but I LOVE IT. The only problem is that they aren’t dimable, but you will save 86% on the energy bill over 100W bulbs. I googled n:vision and I can’t find their website, but if you go into Home Depot and go to the lighting section you will see them. They come in 2 sizes big and small. The big ones are bigger than regular light bulbs and the smaller ones are are thinner but about the same length. They come in from what i was 40W equivalent to 150W equivalent, which by looking at the Wikipedia entry would be 5W to 30W respectively. They also come in 3 “colors”. The “color” that I got was day light, and I would assume that they are the brightest. Day light also have a very slight blue tint to them, kind of like a white led. These come in then blue packaging. Home Depot also has bright white “color” and they come in green packaging. The last type is soft white and it’s in red packaging. I don’t know the difference, but I assume that soft white is more orangey and that bright white is between that and day light.


~ by deadfool on June 15, 2007.

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