To Catch a Dumbass

Not only did I catch this dumbass, the joke is on him. His Screenname is MkKool7. I would advise everyone to spread this. So lets start from the beginning. One day I come back and see this queued on my aim:

(04:01:43 PM) MkKool7: hi
(04:01:43 PM) ME <AUTO-REPLY>: i have tickets :)
(04:23:02 PM) MkKool7: hi

Ok I’m clearly not here and on top of that I’ve never heard this username before. So google and facebook turn nothing up. And 3 days later I get this:

(04:25:35 PM) MkKool7: hello
(04:25:35 PM) ME <AUTO-REPLY>: have you ever had a dream when you are wondering if you are dreaming or not?
(04:31:10 PM) MkKool7: hello
(04:31:15 PM) MkKool7: answer me
(04:31:16 PM) MkKool7: hell
(04:31:17 PM) MkKool7: 0
(04:31:17 PM) MkKool7: o
(04:31:18 PM) MkKool7: o
(04:31:18 PM) MkKool7: o
(04:41:17 PM) ME: yes?
(04:41:17 PM) Unable to send message: Not logged in

Ok who the fuck is this person and why do they want me? Do they not notice that I’m away? So I add them to my buddylist because I think it might be important. I see them come on about 1.5 hours later and this happens:

(06:07:36 PM) ME: im here
(06:07:38 PM) ME: what did you want>/
(06:09:14 PM) MkKool7: who is this

Ok you IM me firs, but don’t know who I am?! Way to go jackass. At this point I’m doing a play by play because it all goes by so fast. So it continues:

(06:09:18 PM) MkKool7: is this a girl

Wait one second. So you IM someone you don’t know then think that they are a chick?

(06:09:22 PM) ME: no
(06:09:32 PM) ME: who are you?
(06:09:44 PM) MkKool7: this is mike
(06:10:15 PM) ME: who the hell is mike? and why did you im me?
(06:10:21 PM) MkKool7: who i sthis

Who the fuck is Mike? I know 2 Mikes and I haven’t talked to either in a while.

(06:10:39 PM) ME: how about you tell me why you imed me and you dont know who i am?
(06:12:56 PM) ME: well i take it as you are ignoring me which i fine with me because i only know 1 mike and i havent talked to him since sophore year in highschool
(06:13:07 PM) ME: a word of advise dont im people you dont fucking know
(06:13:28 PM) MkKool7: ok are you a guy

Ok so he finally figures out I’m a guy, but never tells me where or how he got my name. Three days later I get this from him:

 (12:24:00 AM) MkKool7: hello
(12:24:00 AM) ME <AUTO-REPLY>: Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessle’s life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever had.
(12:24:00 AM) MkKool7: o

This time I’m around and I’m going to emotionally scar this guy or at least hope so. So the first thing that comes to my mind is crazy.gif. I think that this person is retarded because of what follows:

 (12:24:19 AM) ME yes?
(12:24:34 AM) MkKool7: are you a girl
(12:24:35 AM) ME: wait a sec you are that person that doesnt know who i am
(12:24:43 AM) ME: how did you get my name?
(12:24:47 AM) ME: and are you retarded?
(12:24:51 AM) ME: i said no the first time
(12:25:00 AM) ME: and will for every time here after

Wow he’s a fucking moron. I answered him the first time. But it gets better:

(12:25:12 AM) MkKool7: wona see a dick
(12:25:28 AM) MkKool7: do you
(12:25:35 AM) MkKool7: wona se my dick

So I think that this fucktard doesn’t think I’m a dude and I commence the primary ignition:

(12:25:45 AM) ME: wanna go fuck yourself?
(12:25:56 AM) MkKool7: no are you a girl
(12:26:31 AM) ME: ok you decide

If you clicked that link before reading this I’m very sorry for you. That link is to a picture of an infected penis and is NOT WORK SAFE. So I thought I got him good but don’t know yet. So about a minute later this happens:

(12:27:07 AM) MkKool7: a man
(12:27:10 AM) MkKool7: are you gay
(12:27:21 AM) ME no but you just looked an an infected penis
(12:27:37 AM) MkKool7: are you a girl
(12:27:39 AM) ME: NO
(12:27:47 AM) ME: why do you think that i am
(12:28:01 AM) ME: who gave you this screen name

WTF? How fucking dense are you? I just showed you probably the grossest image on the internet and you still want to know if I’m a chick. And it turns for the worst:

(12:28:09 AM) MkKool7: can i see you nskrd
(12:28:11 AM) ME: or how did you get this
(12:28:26 AM) MkKool7: can i see you naked
(12:28:59 AM) MkKool7: can i see younsked

Is this guy retarded, drunk or on drugs? I don’t know, lets find out:

(12:29:40 AM) ME: so you are a fag?
(12:29:48 AM) MkKool7: ya

If you thought I was a chick why did you want to see me naked? Oh that’s right you were probably trolling after 16 year olds and found out I was a dude. Wait there’s more:

(12:29:54 AM) MkKool7: can i see you naked
(12:30:23 AM) MkKool7: can i
(12:30:28 AM) MkKool7: please
(12:30:33 AM) ME: so i guess crazy.gif didnt work
(12:30:55 AM) MkKool7: on yahoo

I guess seeing an infected penis doesn’t work on gay people. And WTF does “on yahoo” mean? So far nothing back from this guy. Next time it might be something better than a nasty picture. Might be a virus or rootkit. Might not. He sure has a pretty computer, It would be a shame that something would happen to it. And that’s the end of this for the time being.


~ by deadfool on June 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “To Catch a Dumbass”

  1. That picture takes more bandwidth every month than the rest of my website. Good stuff dude, found you through the usage logs :D /fish/

  2. LOL. was blog hopping and came to this post. hilarious. but thank goodness for the web snap shots widget. ;)

    he’s probably a 14 year old kid. it’s live action nudity he’s seeking, i don’t think of a boy or girl would bother him at all.

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