Fonera moding and what not part 1 of many

So I’ve had a fonera for a while, but since I was at school, I couldn’t really do anything but software mod it. My choice of firmware is DD-WRT, I run it on my fonera and my WRT54G. For a guide on flashing your fonera with DD-WRT go here:

So a few months ago (as in February or March) when I got my first fonera, I opened it up. To my amazement, I noticed a second antenna solder point. Naturally, I wanted to add a second antenna over break, but I bricked it trying to reflash it. So over spring break I recieved my new fonera on the last day of break and reflashed it. So with no time to mod it, I just let it run at school. Some time later I noticed that it ran VERY hot, and after some googleing I found out that at the temperature that it runs at the components should die after about a year. To make a long story short, I turned it off and when i got home I added a fan.Since I had a dead WRT54G board in my boxOcrap, I decided to desolder the rp-tnc pigtail from the dead board and add it to my fonera. So now my fonera has an old 60mm psu fan and a second antenna hook up which is rp-tnc. If you want to see pictures of this or see my shitty “write up” you can go here: or

So the other day I found about about wifight club, which by the way you are now part of so you might want to read this: Pretty much its just a “club” that reeks havoc wt wifi and this fonera is the perfect thing for my plan. I’ll keep “up to date” on my plans with the fonera and my other”top secret” project.


~ by deadfool on May 15, 2007.

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