Fixin’ America and makin’ an Ruckus

I was gonna bitch about the Philadelphia Eagles draft picks but I chose not to. So that said I’m pumped to watch the GOP debate on the 3rd. Ron Paul hopefully is going to kick all their asses. Sweet a balanced budget and hopefully no more welfare, medicare, social security, less powerful government, and more rights.

So Penn State is dropping Napster (thank God). Instead they are replacing it with a shady service named Ruckus. Here’s one of its antics “In September 2006, Ruckus attempted to create the single largest group on Facebook as a promotional tool. An employee started a fictional student account under the name “Brody Ruckus.” The group created under this name, “If this group reaches 100,000 my girlfriend will have a threesome”, drew membership on the claim that if 100,000 people joined, the fictional character’s girlfriend “Holly” would have a threesome with “Ruckus” and another woman. Within a week, the group had reached 100,000 members. “Brody Ruckus” then promised to post pictures of his sexual encounter online if 300,000 people joined. Within 7 days, the group membership had exceeded 400,000 and “Ruckus” wrote that if the group became the largest on Facebook, he would post a video of his threesome. Facebook administrators deleted the “Brody Ruckus” profile and his group, since it represented a breach in the site’s Terms of Service agreement, specifically with reference to: “impersonating any person or entity, or falsely stating or otherwise misrepresenting yourself, your age or your affiliation with any person or entity.”” Also Ruckus is TOTALLY FREE but we aren’t getting ANY MONEY BACK, instead it’s going to PSUTX. This is  a service that you sign up for and Penn State texts your phone when something important happens like class closing (which never happens). Ok lets assume a few things, that we have napster on the go service and get charged the 15$ a month thats advertised. That’s 7.2 million a year for Penn State (even tho its probably closer to 300$ a year which is 12million) That PSUTXT gets all 40K students signed up and sends 1 message a day and that it costs 25 cents a message (there are free sms programs too). That is 3.65million a year. So at minimum, Penn State is making at least ~3.4million a year. This is bullshit


~ by deadfool on April 30, 2007.

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