Sweet I’m Web 2.0 and other annoying shit (read as upgrades)

    Since my team (an electrical engineering major, a security and risk analysis information and cybersecurity major, and I don’t know the last guys major) in my IST 210 class (a database class were we have to make a web site with dynamic content and shit) doesn’t have any web designers I took someone else’s CSS to make our site web 2.0. Upon more searching more I found http://www.web20generator.com/index.aspx . Sweet now I can keep up with falipr which is http://www.facebook.com/ and http://alipr.com/ put together with just a bunch of web 2.0 eye candy bullshit like the dropping of vowels and the mirrored logo and the no real content. Well take that bitch “ESP_GAME” has become web 2.0 TAKE THAT!

If you don’t run firefox yet get it here. I just switched to 2.0 from 1.5 because I got sick of downgradeing it when I updated Slackware. Whats Slackware you might ask? IT’S THE KING OF LINUXES. It is the most unix like, the oldest still maintained Linux distribution, is stable, secure and simple. Pretty much “it just works(tm)”. Download it here http://mirrors.evolva.ro/slackware/slackware-current-iso/ (that’s just some some random ass-mirror (that was an XKCD reference) that I found on google). Any way back to firefox. When I opened firefox it upgraded NoScript to version (do you think they could make it any longer and more meaningless?) which has something that stops XSS attacks (read my link because I don’t feel like explaining it) and is annoying as fuck. I go to a wikipedia entry with a special char in it and it sets off all sorts of alarms n shit and thinks I’m being attacked. Anyway, I’ve accepted that I have to use gaim2.0 and learned to deal with its suckage.

Everything I linked to you should use except maybe XSS attacks and and the web 2.0 links. So in other words you should be using firefox with NoScript and Slackware, or at least firefox with NoScript.


~ by deadfool on April 24, 2007.

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