Oddree issue #2 and takeing my rights away

    So as you know by now or at least I hope so, Oddree the psudo-hacking/hacker humor magazine is now out. Get it at http://www.oddree.com/downloads.htm I have an article in it and you should read it if not only because I’m in it. Also as a side note, the fon hacking is wrong. Use dd-wrt and you have to use this crazy german method. Also here is pretty much everything about fonera hacking http://dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Fonera, just don’t do the hot glue mod, it’s dumb as hell.

Ahhh I love free speech. Especially for those people that only approve of free speech if they agree with what they are saying. Kind of like these dumb asses. I will say that these protesters have no taste at all and should go to hell but if push came to shove, I would fight for their right to protests even thou I don’t agree with what they are saying.

National REALid is total bullshit and only 3 people in my class notice it including me. YES PLEASE PUT ALL MY INFORMATION ABOUT ME IN 1 PLACE. This will be the new social security number, it will probably be require for dumb shit like buy milk n shit. Someone said that he has nothing to hide so why should he care. I asked him for his SS# but he wouldn’t give it to me, but he has nothing to hide. Obviously he’s a terrorist. Someone else said that its that only the government can see it. Oh and the government has never abused its powers ex Patriot act. It’s “encrypted” but I won’t even there. Lastly, this won’t stop terrorist, illegals or anything. Just pay them in cash.

Don’t take away my guns damn it. I love how all these dumb ass liberals thing that if we made guns illegal VT wouldn’t happen. I hate to break it to you but cocaine is illegal and people still get that. This would only give the bad guys guns. Now on the other hand if we give people MORE guns (and by people I mean non felons and mental stable) this might not have happened. Thing about it. If 10% of the people SHOT had a gun that means that there are 6 people shooting back. Oh but the police will have guns you say? Looks like that did a big help in stopping this douche from killing 32 people. So when the police decide that they don’t like you anymore and open fire on your gunless ass don’t come crying to me.

You know that if the government watched everything you do and takes away all your right THERE WILL BE NO TERRORISM, because the terrorist won. I think people would be happy if they were forced to be hand cuffed and beat by the cops if they said that it would stop terrorism.


~ by deadfool on April 21, 2007.

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