Jack Thompson you Sir are an asshole.

Ok, so as you all know today some guy shot up VT. Here is a list of things (non inclusive) to blame:

  • Doom
  • Crazy Rock n Roll
  • Marylin Manson
  • Not making guns illegal
  • Video games
  • Gta
  • Grindhouse
  • 24
  • the Internet

There is probably more but that’s my quick list. Personally, this only shows that more people need to carry guns. So lets say that 10% of people choose to carry a weapon. If he only encountered the ~60 people he shot then that’s 6 people that could have stopped him earlier. On a side note, what the fuck were you doing for 1 hour and 45 minutes between the first and second shootings going to class?

Now for the fun part. JACK THOMPSON YOU SIR ARE AN ASSHOLE. According to  http://kotaku.com/gaming/virginia-tech/breaking-idiot-thompson-blames-va-shooting-on-games-252702.php Jack Thompson blames this shooting on violent video games. Wow I never saw that coming. Of course we can’t actually blame it on real reasons such as but are not limited to bad parenting, not noticing warning signs, or that it was just a random freak thing.

Apparently, this is the guys livejournal http://wanusmaximus.livejournal.com/ Wow didn’t see that coming, I mean he has more guns that probably 1/2 the police departments in the US do.

Now its the list of things I hope they blame it on either for comedic value or because I don’t like it:

There are probably more but I really don’t feel like thinking that hard on such a dumb subject.

I give this guy props for one thing, being accurate with 2 pistols at once. That takes a bit of skill. Burn in hell please. When I heard this the first thing I thought was “Oh Christ, another white trash kid that got beat by his drunk dad shot a place up” WRONG this kid was Asian. WTF Aren’t you supposed to do math, watch anime and make this face ^_^ ? At least he wasn’t Arabic because I’m pretty sure all hell would have broken loose.

Lastly, I am very sorry for everyone that was involved in anyway. Now drop it, take it off the news, nothing new has happened. You are just repeating the same shit over and over.


~ by deadfool on April 16, 2007.

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