Hack the Planet

So I was looking in the referrals part wondering where people were coming from and I found 4 people (which was the most of any link) from this link http://www.oddree.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=460. Wow there hasn’t been a post there since April 6th (which was mine). So who are you people? For everyone except for the 4 people I’ll explain what Oddree is (isn’t ending a sentence in “is” breaking some rules or some shit?). Oddree is “a free technical journal for hackers, slackers, and nerds. It exists only in digital form and is distributed mainly by means of bit-torrent web sites.

The articles in ODDREE are primarily of a technical nature, but also
include parody, humor and even religion.

ODDREE has no release schedule. New issues are made available as they are
completed.” So pretty much it’s a free magazine thrown together by Ray Haque when ever he feels like it. It’s pretty bitchin check it out.


~ by deadfool on April 12, 2007.

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