BGPL License (isn’t it repeditive? Bird’s General Public License License)

So this has nothing about asshattery. So be it. Since I’m hooked on amp to stay awake I thought I would make my own energy drink. CAFFEINATED MILK (with other additives that don’t really don’t really do shit). Now all I need is some reagent grade caffeine. 200mg of caffeine per cup should work. Clearly caffeinated milk is a great idea for many reasons. First of all it has caffeine to get you wired. Also it has sugar for fast energy burning. For long tern energy it has fat. Milk is protein rich which doesn’t really give energy but whatever. Lastly, there’s plenty of vitamins and shit for what ever vitamins do. Also I’ll just throw in some ginseng and guarana and some other shit to sell it. Can I GPL this shit? Actually I’ll make it GPL except I’m the only one that can sell it. I think I’ll call it the BGPL.


~ by deadfool on April 11, 2007.

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